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The freeplay shooter Warface has got a paid offshoot - Warface: Breakout. The release of the game took place simultaneously with the announcement - it is already available in the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Store. Like shareware fellow, Breakout is a multiplayer PvP shooter. According to the game portal Hermitgamer, the main mode is called "Find and Destroy" and is designed for battles of two teams of five people. The task is to undermine one of the two points of the enemy. Matches are divided into rounds, before each of which you can purchase weapons and equipment. Loans earned during the battle are spent on the purchase. At the moment, Breakout can offer five maps and more than 30 unique weapons. According to Ivan Pobyarzhin, producer of the Warface franchise, when creating the game, the authors were inspired by the immortal Counter-Strike and at the same time took into account the features of console management: We are constantly developing the Warface franchise, improving the original game and bringing it to new platforms. Creating Breakout, we set out to transfer to the console gameplay familiar to many, inspired by the legendary Counter-Strike, with a tactical component, emphasis on the skill of owning weapons and managing the team’s economy. Gameplay Breakout was maximally adapted for a comfortable game on gamepads. Our team put a lot of effort into creating a console shooter, which is very easy to learn, but at the same time has tactical depth and variability.

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